About Us

We exist to bring hope and holistic health services to the community living with TB and HIV & AIDS. Over 26 years, the needs of the community has grown and Ethembeni remains to serve the community.


Ethembeni Care Centre is a registered step-down care facility founded in 1996. It is situated at Amangwe Village (Kwambonambi) which was donated by Mondi Business Paper in 2002. The Centre has 200 bed capacity, providing significant scope for future development. 90% of the patients are transferred from Ngwelezane Hospital.

All volunteers that walk the halls of Ethembeni bring with them an undeniable passion for serving the community. Their mission is to provide appropriate, effective, efficient healthcare to our patients.  At Ethembeni we ensure that our members live and work together in harmony in an environment that fosters love and care for one another and for all those who come to the care center.

We work on a high level of professionalism with the patients’ needs at the heart of it all. We want to give those that come into Ethembeni a dignified health haven where there’s a possibility for second chances. Hope is the foundation of which we thrive. Hope with actions of the community and organisations can help so many people looking for a fighting chance. It is in the hope and actions of others that we take heart in knowing we can and will fulfil our mandate to serve our community. 

Our Mission

To provide appropriate, effective, efficient
health care to our patients.

Make sure that our members live and work
together in harmony and love, caring
for one another and for all who
come to the care center.

Setting an excellent service standard.

Ensure a  high level of professionalism.

Our Vision

To be the leading Health Care Facility that provides excellent care to patients (children & Adults).

To bring hope and holistic health services to the community living with TB and HIV & AIDS. 

Our Milestones



Established primarily for use by employee’s self-sustainability


Amangwe Village

In 2002 the demand increased-Mondi Business Paper donated Amangwe village for use


New Facility

In 2003 a new 18 bed facility was opened at Amangwe


Section 21 registration

On 31 August 2005 ECC registered as section 21 company


DoH Service Level Agreement

ECC entered into Service Level agreement with DoH to provide operational sustainability.
ECC always provides an excellent service to patients and community members who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. The voluntary counselling and testing, social security, antiretroviral drugs education program buddy system gives hope to their lives. Participating in world AIDS day ceremony makes them to feel loved and welcomed knowing that they have support from the community. 

"Our patients needs are
at the heart of it all" 

Every service we provide is executed with the utmost love and care, with the primary intention to serve our community

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